Friday, September 12, 2008

fix it

Little Son walks by with a wrench. Holds it up for my view.
"I'm gonna go make sure the truck isn't having any problems."
"Uh... (tamp down feelings of panic, hurry!) what?"
"I'm just gonna go fix the truck."

I looked a couple of minutes ago, and it was pretty cute to see him under the truck, looking up at stuff, investigating with his wrench.

Pray for me, won't you?


  1. Aww! Try and make cookies or something so you don't think about oil leaks and tires that fall off. Plus, mechanics are hungry after fixin stuff!-K

  2. ROFLMAO. Here's hoping it all works out!

  3. Hmmmmm. Sounds very familiar. One day when C was 5, he was fixing the van and hit the windshield with the hammer, resulting in a huge crack! Oh, and it was the day before we moved from there to here. was a trial of my patience, and it wasn't cute.
    Anyway, good job at keeping your panic in check. Sometimes it is so much easier to think about the worst that could happen instead of trusting them with things like tools.
    Oh...and the comments that you have left, I haven't recieved nerry a one. Maybe it's a conspiracy. It was good to hear from you again!!
    Love, KKS


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