Saturday, September 06, 2008

Coming Home

Friday morning meant check-out time.
We've decided that next year we're staying for four nights - three is not enough.
Ah well.

I sent the babes scooting off to Grandpa and Grandma's first thing - "Go see if the squirrel is chucking down pinecones!" They were eager to do so.
Grandma fed them pancakes. :)

Our plan was to pack up, have breakfast somewhere, and head home via the long way.
Over the mountain (and through dense woods) instead of around it.
Which eventually led us to Fossil Territory.
We tried to get up there a couple of times last year, but that's when we had our car trouble last summer.
But we made it this year.
It's pretty cool to be high up on a mountain, (around 10,000 feet elevation) and to see fossils of shells imbedded in large rocks.
We're pretty sure they're from the Pre-Cambrian period, but the research for that one is Eric's department.

We hunted fossils, hunted cows, and hunted frogs.
No frogs.
Lots of fossils, a couple of cows.

Eventually the dirt road brought us onto and off of again tribal lands and farm lands, and finally home.

We're home, then.
What's next?

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