Monday, September 08, 2008

big big day!

It's the last day of Eric's vacation!

I have big, big plans for the day.
Eric came back from a (solo) fishing trip yesterday, to say that he had caught tons of frogs at Tibble Fork.
We've been trying since spring to catch -or even See!- frogs!!
"We're going back!" said I.
Well, you know. Provided everyone else agrees.

Since it's kinda hard to spend twenty-five bucks in gas to see a few frogs for a minute, my mind starts a-goin'.
Well - we can hike. It's beautiful mountainous country, there.
And maybe I can collect some seeds for native plants in the yard. And maybe a plant or two, if it seems alright.
Maybe I can collect a pond plant, or two.
Ooh - we'll take our Pond book!
Hey, we can also go swim at the cement pond (with limited sandy beach)! Everyone will be in school, we'll have the place to ourselves.
Hmmm. Maybe we can stop by the Bean life Science Museum on the way home - we've never been, and I know at 6:30 they have a nightly show..... I wonder what today's is? Adaptation? Utah Plants? Ecosystems? Invertebrates?
Aaaah, the live Reptiles show!!! Gah!, again. (I was actually thinking that Reptiles was on Tuesdays.)
We're so there.

Wouldn't it just beat all if my camera came in from UPS today before we took off?
Though we'll certainly be just fine without it.

I'm so excited for today!
Time to get goin', then.
[waving 'bye over my shoulder]
See you tonight!

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