Saturday, August 16, 2008

saturday is a school day

'cause you know.
every day is a school day.
this morning we were reading in our new space book.
while i knew that our solar system was on the edge of our galaxy (the milky way), I didn't have any idea just how big it is.
we learned today that if we went from our solar system to the middle of our galaxy, it would take us 26,000 years traveling at the speed of light.

a little while later we were cleaning trev's room, and picking up the planets that trev and madd had pulled down from the ceiling.
"what's this one?" madd wants to know.
"it's saturn."
"and this one?"
"it's earth - see the blue and green? our planet is mostly blue because it is made of 70% water."
"but where is the milky way?" little honeypot wants to know.

we also learned that it was not until the 1980's that we found out for sure that there were other planets in the universe.
'til then it was anybody's guess. (or conjecture.)

we got out our new president book, and were reading about our current favorite, Teddy Roosevelt.
the Roosevelts were quite a rowdy bunch in the whitehouse.
once one of the boys (Quentin) took a horse into the whitehouse, onto the elevator, and into his brother's (Archie's) room - to cheer him up because he was ill.
they were always rollerskating in the house. and slid down the banisters on serving trays. they kept snakes, parrots, bear cubs, and even a lion cubs as pets.
sounds like my kind of family!

we've cleaned, and worked out problems, and played outside, and hollered today.

it's all good.

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