Saturday, August 02, 2008

I say "Whip It!" (and "Whip It Good!")

What an adventurous day!

Not in a two-or-sixteen-fieldtrips-in-one-day sort of way, but in an action packed, whoof! sort of way.

Starts out with Mama collecting her thoughts in the playroom.... making plans.
Let's see.....
Last to arrive are the new Art Supplies coming Monday.... containers to finely display (read: easily seen and accessible) sparkly and fluffy pompons, plastic stringy thingies, pipe cleaners (you know I still insist on calling them that) and probably a mixie-mix of whatever wooden pieces of bits I can stick in one of those glorious, clear, organizing containers that I ordered.....

Organizing.... which is my favorite part of Christmas/Yule, birthdays, new supplies - whatever -- organizing and compartmentalizing is The Good Stuff, to my mind...

We need four or five shelves for Science Stuff...

Including elementary puzzles, four shelves for Math for The Babes....

Two will do for Reading and whatnot....

Ooh - one for "Sensory"?..... (clay, lightbrite, magic sand....)

Another for "The World Around Us" - which to me means Pirates, Archeology, Mark Twain, Albert Einsten, National Geographic's, Eleanor Roosevelt, Thomas Edison, Daniel Boone, you get the point....
Definitely their Own Shelf....

There's that bucket of Lostness over there with the musical instruments. (all things are buried under scarves, belts, beads, puppets, etc...)

And the dress-up and puppets.

And what about the games???

And if we're to have so many glorious things down here, there really ought to be a Fine Place To Sit, don't you think?

To the store!
To the store!

Eight more organizing boxes.

Three more three foot bookshelves. (When you're making the playroom - Discovery Room!- friendly, all things must be within reach.)


So I cleaned.
And built (er, put together) book shelves.

And organized.

And put the castinets on the on the third shelf next to the preschool piano. Next to the cymbals. And the cow bell. Under the tambourines and morracas that reside on the second shelf. The top goes to the xylophone and the keyboard. The quaker oats box and bongos and train whistle are on the bottom. You get the idea.

I built, and drained, and reorganized, and restuffed, and pillowed and rearranged new furniture (extra large and small beanbags) for our friendly Discovery Room.

And Madd played Doctor. And built marble chutes. And played with magnets and a new supply of iron filings. And dress up. And wore reindeer antlers, and begged for a Cherry Nirvana Icecream Cone, made geometric shapes, helped to make her bean bag, and sang Jingle Bells at the top of her lungs while banging together (somewhat small) cymbals.

And Trev came down to help and to check stuff out, and leapt and ran and sang and Wow!ed, and said "Hey! This would make a great Indiana Jones hat!"
and then "Now all I need is a whip!!"
and his sister terrified him and made him shirk by chasing him with a snake (Snakey) and since he was wearing his Indiana Jones hat (and Indie is much afeared o' snakes) he was terrified, indeed, even though we enthusiastically held and petted and adored snakes a few weeks ago, and then his Mama asked if he would like a whip? and we could surely make one quite easily.... "All we need is a stick and some leather"..... and Little Son went straight-away to the back yard to find a Fine Stick for which to make a whip, and came back in and said "Here it is!" and his Mama said "Ooooh - I remember this stuff right here in this box that would make a great whip.... and then after I glued it together I was actually able to Crack it!!!
And Little Son picked up an arrow from a bow and arrow set we have, and said "This will make a great Poison Dart Arrow!!" and I made a spit wad that wasn't nearly satisfactory, but Little Son is very resourceful when it comes to such things, and found himself a (quite sharp and dangerous) barbecue skewer to act as his Poison Dart, and I must say it was a most thrilling (and Quite Daring!) discovery....
Most effective.
Everyone quit flinching and twitching once the pokiest part of the skewer was successfully snipped.
And I'm relieved to report that not One Eye was lost during our escapades.

Pizza has been ordered....
and now eaten....
and The Mama has a hot date - you know, because it's over a hundred degrees today, and things are just crackling around here- with two babes (who may smell a bit, but that I still find scrumptious and adorable) for Popcorn And A Movie.

This room (I write down in this Discovery Room as I can hardly bear to leave it - I'm sort of attached after two days of residency) is so flowing - everything is accessible, in sight, uncovered, inviting -- the mojo is free and smooth.

Just as a Play/Rompous/Discovery Room should be, don't you think?

All is well.

I spose I should go upstairs now.
'Night, then.


  1. I would love to see a picture!

  2. I would love to post some!!

    I think maybe Circuit City will help me even though I have lost my demmed receipt. (for my camera.)

    Maybe I'll check on that today.

  3. Sounds like an amazing place! I love doing stuff like this! You just HAVE to post a photo, somehow!!-K

  4. K -
    I don't s'pose anyone but me would be thrilled with it.
    It's still just a play room!

    But it feels good, and I love seeing tidy boxes of supplies next to books on the shelves! :)

  5. Now see, I would love that. I dig seeing how others organize their things. I DO!

  6. k -
    when I get the camera fixed, I'll post pictures!! :)


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