Saturday, August 09, 2008

hearing the sea

"Mom. Is it true that you can hear the ocean in a seashell?"

Now I remember well learning at age 12 or so that the explanation for that was the blood rushing through your ear.
Should I tell Little Son that?
A boy who had just heard of the magic in a seashell?

"It's true." I got him a shell. After listening for the sea myself, I handed it over to him with a smile. "Here you go..."

"Wow. That's amazing."
"Do you have any theories about how that happens?"
"Well, there's the way the shell goes around, and curve of the shell..."
"Aah. So you think it's the shape?"
"Yes. The sea sound is inside the shape of the shell."
"An excellent hypotheses."

Should I tell him the real reason?
Absolutely not.

Some might believe that it's the blood rushing through one's ear that makes the sound of the sea.
But some of us know better.
It's a part of Earth's magic.

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  1. NAH NAH NAH , didn't here blood NAh NAh NAAHHH fingers in ear, did you say the ocean is in our blood, Oh,
    I could not agree more!-K


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