Wednesday, August 13, 2008


(pronounced ay-a-thent)

Ayethent was the pet crocodile of the Sun God.

Ayethent bravely protected the Sun God from trespassing lions.

One day Pegasus was running out of control, and Ayethent was carried away into the sky.

After he was carried into the sky he bravely and double bravely survived and became a constellation.

Legend has it that all of our body's carry dying stars, and all of us carry Ayethent's stars.

Original story by Trevelyn


  1. I love it! Very imaginative.

    On a side note, Damek got really excited & giddy when we read 'George's Secret Key To The Universe' and it mentioned that we are made up of the same stuff that stars are made from:) He was like "wow!"

  2. Ah!!
    I keep forgetting about George! It's something I'm very interested in!
    'Course, til now, I don't think it would have been well received....
    So it's just as well.

    But I'll not be forgetting this time!

    On a sidenote - I told Trev about it, and how in George it talks about how our bodies are made of the same substance as stars, thinking he would be duly impressed and excited.

    [crickets chirping]

    blink blink.
    "You mean like on Ultimate Universe"?"
    Is that where he got that?
    I must have missed it....

    shakes head.


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