Wednesday, August 06, 2008

August 5

We're still setting things to rights around here.
And hopefully having little bits of fun while we're at it!

Yesterday we needed to take our potentially newest family member to our beloved Mechanic to see if it would pass muster. Eric and I were pretty agitated about it, as we really like this truck (a Pathfinder, actually) and were nervous that He would tell us to keep looking.
Not something that appeals to us.

So the babes and I packed up the new Adventure Pack (we all got new packs - not very exciting to you, but very exciting for us!) and dropped off the truck.
We then walked to the train station - three blocks away, and rode it downtown (a first for me, but not the babes) to the Planetarium. We were going to see The Secret of the Cardboard Rocket! woohoo! Maddie was thrilled to sit in the dome theatre - a new one for her. Trev and I had been to see the film before.
We had a few minutes after our space travels to grab a hotdog, then it was back inside for another film, Ultimate Universe. Much like the first film, only no cartoon kids.
Two great films!
We got to study and enjoy the planets in the solar system display for a few minutes, until Maddie headed downstairs to the shop, and we were obliged to follow. There we got crowded and dinged and lost and aggravated - but we also finally found more stars for Trevelyn's bedroom. We bought two packages of stars, and also a glow-in-the-dark Earth and Moon. Maddie picked out a package of stars for herself, as well. We also stumbled upon some geodes that we'll be able to crack open ourselves.

Then lunch (yet another restaurant at The Gateway that has horrid food - I give up.) and to the (trax) train! Which was a bit of aggravation, but we did get a few friendly raindrops and finally to the right place and on the right train. Since the train wound through the westside of downtown a bit we were able to watch for gargoyles. We spotted a few different things - Zeus, angels, and what looked like The Muses, which we counted, but no true gargoyles. But at least we saw a few beautiful buildings that weren't shiny glass.

To the truck, then. Which we still weren't calling Our Truck, as it was going to be so disappointing if it wasn't, even though it already felt like a family member.... After waiting a few more nervous minutes for Marty to get back to the shop, he said "I don't see how you could go wrong...." So there you have it.

Today we'll clean a bit, then maybe head out. With our Adventure Packs loaded.

We'll see.


  1. What a day, I have yet to brave the train. One day.. Congrats on the new ride!-K

  2. Thanks, K!
    The train was actually pretty cool. Though it's not the choochoo variety, more like the subway variety, but not underground. I liked it!


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