Wednesday, August 13, 2008

August 13

This morning I went downstairs to look for a pattern or a craft of some kind for a crocodile.
Because Trev had an idea that he'd like to invent his own croc, just as we did with birds yesterday for Project Wild.

I couldn't find anything in all my binders of crafty/idea/patterns of stuff (of course [rolls eyes]) so I sat down and started making a crocodile out of clay.
Soon enough the babes joined me downstairs.

Since I started mine quite a bit sooner than did Trev, I was done long before he. I started reading him what I had found in our Wild Life Fact Files on the Gavial. And then we opened up our Big Book of Living Things. (a great book, that!)

During this time Maddie built with Lincoln Logs.
And the marble run.
And then tried to freely make a tangram out of pattern blocks. (a most impressive effort.)

And the crocodiles were completed, and in comes a dinosaur, and the battles -now with younglings, too- begin.
"Hey Mom. I had to make the croc evolve into a tyrannosaurus rex. Because it had to adapt or die out. It had to evolve. So now we move into the Late Cretaceous period...."

Our friend Julie mentioned that she has a game with cards of constellations that you can energize (for glow) and take outside under the night sky to find the constellations.
Our book that we've been studying suggests the same thing - using glow in the dark paint for stars.
We don't have any glow in the dark paint (yet) but we do have several glow in the dark stars, so we are in the process of making guides for our nighttime explorations.
I haven't decided on which ones I want to make first.
Trev has decided on his - "Why can't we make up our own constellations?"
Which will be given its own post.

We've made geo shapes with the dowels and balls.
We have played dress up.
Madd has painted a pinwheel.
And decided that she also wanted to make a constellation.
We've built with little blocks.
Watched Dora.
Played Lego Star Wars.

We've had a bit of everything today.
Now let's get Daddy home...
and Let the Wild Rumpus Begin!

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  1. I'm going to have to look for the cards. They sound amazingly fun!


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