Wednesday, August 13, 2008

August 12

Yesterday morning was our Project Wild meeting.
Though we didn't get home until 12:30 the night before, we were eager to go - especially since we missed the last meeting.
Trev slept til 11am, our meeting was at 11:30!
We were late.

Yesterday's meeting was about adaptation.
The children were to create a bird and name its habitats and features.

I absolutely love Trev's bird.
Mostly because he loved this project, and was very interested, engaged, and involved in it.

His bird is called an AviaryPtero.
It has five wings.
It lives in the very tops of high trees.
It has very long legs.
It hangs upside down.
It is shy of humans, but makes a good pet.
It is a scavenger, but it also hunts a bit.
It is related to the archeopteryx and to microraptor.
It has been around since the Cretaceous, but it has evolved smaller in size over time.

He was disappointed when upon finishing his bird, no one would listen to his story. He had thought this through well, and wanted to tell everyone about his bird. :( That was a bummer.

Soon we were off to the Aviary.

Remember the eggs we saw last time we were there? (never mind that, evidently I didn't write about it!) The same ones that are in our titlebar? Trev stopped an aviary worker to ask about them. I had told him that I thought maybe they might have been imitations made to look like their eggs, because they were right next to the little foot-high fence.
The girl said that they were indeed real eggs. The brighter ones are newer, and the faded ones are obviously older. They are not fertile eggs, however. Which led Trev and I into a discussion about why they're not fertile, and how many animals in captivity do not mate, or reproduce. And why not.

After our tour around the Aviary we headed into the waterplay area for a while, then went over to our friend's home, since we were invited.

Trev was introduced to Zoo Tycoon, which he is pretty interested in.

I'm not sure if it's on account o' that, but this morning he has awakened and wants to know exactly where the Savannah is, and wants to know about all species of crocodiles.

So it begins.


  1. WOW! you have had some adventures as of late! See what happens when I don't check on you. I need to learn a bit about constellations.-K

  2. K-
    The last three posts were just finished and published this morning!
    THey've been living in "drafts".

    I'm loving the constellations. I knew absolutely nothing a couple of months ago.
    Now I (along with Trev) am thoroughly enjoying studying them.

  3. I loved Trev's bird story. I liked that it "lived in Utah of course" and "hung from the tops of trees like a bat :)

  4. Teri - I'll tell him you said so!!
    See you on Thursday! :)


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