Monday, August 11, 2008

August 10

Yesterday (Sunday) we stayed home and puttered around all day.
The Mama could be found at The Pond.
The babes chased each other around the house.
And played in the pool.
And asked when our friends were coming over.
And played on the computer.
And asked when our friends were coming over.
And jumped and ran.
Then we had friends to play with for a few hours.

Until it was decided that we were going to the drive-in.
To see Wall-E.

It was wonderful.
I loved it.
I thought it was creative, and poignant, and the pokes at society I totally agreed with.

My son came away with, "Well, I could be a Teacher when I grow up, and I can make sure that none of the children Ever litter, at home or in the world."

I was astounded by his observations on the film (which had relatively no dialogue), and his capacity to understand the insinuations.
He's brilliant. :)

I think we all have a hankering to spend some time with Nature, after that, and will be Exploring today.

I'd better go wake up my three SleepyHeads so we can pack up and head out.
Not sure where...
We'll see.....

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