Saturday, July 19, 2008

Tamed, evidently

So when Eric finally got home, he said to me (in confidence) something about, "I'm jealous. I had to slave away all day again. These long days are kicking my ass."
Mama to the rescue.
"Hey, Bud. Daddy mentioned to me that he's a little jealous.... of all the fun that we had today - he'd like to play, too."
Trev to the rescue.
"Dad. I hate to say this..... But really, Dad. You have to look Deeper. It really wasn't All That Fun without you, today. I mean, what we really wanted, was All Four of us, our whole family, playing together and having fun!"
"He's so cool...." says Daddy when Trev scurried hurriedly from the room to meet him outside.

And now I have a date with Three, poolside....


  1. LOL. Smart boy. Great vignette.

  2. That is so heart breakingly sweet! What a guy that Trev is!


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