Tuesday, July 08, 2008


I've had this thought for a while that I've wanted to post about this, but haven't.
Right this minute I have about a thousand thoughts all clamoring for further consideration, attention, and expression so I'm not sure that I can do it properly! :)
But I'll try.

There have been a number of occasions lately in which Trevelyn mentioned something that inspired further investigation.
I wrote about his inquiries of The Seven Seas the other day.
And Blackbeard. And he also mentioned "No Beard", which spawned a light and funny discussion between us while walking home from the neighborhood grocery store. (A fond memory of mine.)
There have been lots of things since, too.

I don't live the same life as my children. That's not to say that we live totally separate lives - that absolutely isn't true, but we do have individual interests.
Much of our days are spent in togetherness, but some of it is spent according to our own whims, moods, and interests.

The other day I glanced at a cartoon Trev was watching. It happened to be the one that mentioned "No Beard".

Aah. A cartoon, then, I thought.

Now lots of folks might be disenchanted at this point.
They might judge a cartoon to be an embarrassingly inferior resource for educational stimuli.

Not so myself.

I've always known -and appreciated- (since about age 14) that something important can come from anywhere.
That it doesn't matter The Way, so much as The Wisdom.

Truth can be found in unlikely places.
Wisdom can be gained while seemingly doing Nothing.
Important self discoveries can be made while watching the clouds drift and shift by.

It does not matter to me that magic begins with Cartoon Network sometimes.
It does not negate my happiness and fascination with this life.
It does not lessen the value of our days to see that two days' worth of contemplations on the importance of living and acting lovingly and peacefully was wrung from discussions of wars and terrorism and Hitler.
Initiated by playing and enjoying Indiana Jones.

The discovery matters.
The curiosity and inquiry matters.

The seeking is what matters.
In the seeking is the Us.


  1. I'm so glad you wrote about this. I've been thinking along these same lines, but haven't been able to get at the essence of what I'm trying to say.

    This does very nicely!

    Some of our richest experiences have come from some of the 'lowliest' of sources. :)

  2. Right On!! It makes me rather sad/mad that the media has this grip on society (well the non-freethinkers that is) of how evil t.v./video games, ect.. are and how their good for nothing and must be limited.

    We have experienced as a family the same things you speak of in terms of learning and wanting to learn more from something seen on a cartoon or gasp! a video game. Damek became interested in circuits and motherboards from playing the video game Shawdow The Hedgehog.

    So yes, I wholeheartedly agree with your wisdom.

  3. Cp - I love your "lowliest sources"!

  4. *Nods head in agreement*

    We have had so much fun with crafts and projects inspired from TV & computer stuff.

    And thank goodness I can think for myself as to what sources for me are "lowly" vs. "esteemed".


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