Friday, July 25, 2008

the plain old olm

yesterday was a state holiday around here.
the big one.
one that certainly is a contender for The summer holiday.
we were invited to spend the late afternoon and evening with friends, and we took them up on their offer.
of course we did!!

today was spent in a piddly, meandering, yawning sort of way.
i took a two hour (or so) nap. with minimal interruptions.
the laundry is still piling up.
though i have hung and washed a load or two.

i sat with trevelyn on the pc for.... oh, four or six hours, maybe.... playing jumpstart world, second grade. (a new one. i bought it yesterday. he's been dying for second grade.) i've already mentioned my feelings on JumpStart and JumpStart World, haven't I? love it.
seems that fractions and the o'clock and half hours are covered. "It's a Piece of cake! Get it?!?" little son jokes as he roars with laughter and slaps his knee after cutting and decorating 1/3 or 2/4ths of a cake.
double digit addition is the current challenge.
foreign territory, that.

but that doesn't matter.
what does matter, is that little (deep sea diver, as he is at this moment) son says "I'm So good at math."

he feels competent.
and i'm not feeling irritated that his processes are different than mine.
and i'm managing to remember that adding double digits are an entirely new concept, and can be confusing, and that he has had no introduction to the concept, and that in another life or in another world we would be only be entering the second grade, and one is not expected to Enter And Exit a stage of life and learning and exploration with the same knowledge.

we do grow.

within the realm and bursting out of the Ordinary.

now it's been a hundred or so degrees today.
the pool is full of warm (as it's sat undisturbed in the sun for two days) water.
the slide is here in the pool, anchored to the tramp.

we're soaking. and lazing, and splashing. and floating. and singing. and making up songs and stories and adventures and basking in the evening shadows and light.
prob'ly the summer, sticky, sweaty smells of the babes have been diluted a bit.

it's 7:23pm.
and all is well.

hoping you and yours are experiencing a sort of plain old o.l.m. for yourselves.

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  1. And that holiday passed without me noticing down here. Yay! ;) (Not my favorite)

    Love the o.l.m. - took me a minute - was thinking that one can remind me of the other.


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