Sunday, July 13, 2008

July 11

It's summertime.
We headed to a park to meet friends again for a bit of summer fun.Trevelyn is quite on his way to learning to swim.
Once again, living automatically brings learning.

While he's not had any lessons, he's almost there. Not in a coordinated, left arm then right arm swing, and turn your head to the left to breathe way.

But he floats on his stomach, with his face in the water, and kicks his feet, and actually gets from one point to another. Just because he's curious, likes the water, and likes to look through his goggles. Learning to swim.

The day was filled with the waterslide, water games, corndogs and chocolate milkshakes.
And climbing, chasing seagulls, testing muscles, and running.Living in the sunshine.

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