Friday, July 11, 2008

July 10

Yesterday was a lazy sort of summer day. One of our first, I think.
After making fresh batches of cleaners I headed outside to watch the fat bees bumble, and the butterflies flutter by.

Trev chose an interactive game of Indiana Jones.Maddie chose to play outside too - where she swung her bear, got swung herself, and played quiet games to herself.A little while later we went inside, and sat down to read, whereupon I started to nod off, and informed the babes that evidently I was going to have a summer's nap.

After a long chitchat on the telephone I discovered that it was time to make cookies to get ready to meet our friends at the park for even more summer lazing.

We had dinner, played soccer, ran and chased and swung and slid and climbed and played baseball.
(Please notice the band-aid on Kyan's toe. It's very important to him.)

A very fine day, I'd say.

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