Friday, July 18, 2008


The narrator of these tales woke up today feeling that our days have been a bit stinted.

Not that I cannot and do not appreciate our very plain moments,but sometimes you just wanna stir things up a little, you know? Throw in a few active ingredients, and see what comes of it.

So I picked a book off the shelf about "things to do in the summer".

I asked Trev if he was up for some experimenting and investigating today. He said he was. (He's not feeling well enough to go out, we considered for a minute going to the Planetarium to see a film, but thought we'd better wait 'til he isn't coughing - hopefully later this week we can go.)
I didn't ask Madd - she's always up for anything!
We started off with our book "The Planets in Our Solar System". Followed by "There's No Place Like Space." Shortly thereafter was a beautiful book that we borrowed from the library called "Night Wonders".
I asked Trev if he was up for reading to me for a while, before we headed outside.
He read the first 35 pages of "Go, Dog. Go!".
After reading he started asking questions about constellations again. Constellations have been on our minds lately - it began with our recent trip to the desert, and was ignited again a few days ago when we saw an early morning show on The Constellations on the History Channel.

While out in the desert, we picked up a book called "Wishing On A Star" that Madd picked it out. It appeared to be a great little book introducing constellations.

I got that out, since Trev was asking, and we looked through it, not stopping to read, as it lists mostly activities - not really a "let's read this" kind of book.
After we looked at some constellations - Leo, Ursa Major and Ursa Minor, Orion, Scorpio, Canis Major and Canis Minor, etc, we came to Pegasus.
read to me what it says about Pegasus!!"

Which I of course did. Then Cygnus. And then Big Bear and The Little Bear. And then all of the others.
Awesome! How fun to read about astronomy and mythology, and to discuss ancient people and Ancient Gods.
I'm quite certain that even though up until now I've only been able to spot The Big Dipper (the Big Bear) I'll now be able to spot one or two others!!

We also read in Night Wonders, that "....these telescopes gather light that left distant galaxies more than 10 billion years ago, and show us the universe when it was young. One day, astronomers hope to see all the way back to the moment the universe was born, more than 13 billion years ago."


I mean, I have an extremely elementary understanding of Time and Space being related.... but What?!?
[shakes head.]


I mentioned to our friend Julie today that I ran across something called "Sugaring" a tree, which consists of mixing ripe banana and brown sugar and placing it on a tree to see what and who comes visiting. She mentioned that she had been considering this same experiment herself, and was also contemplating today's "things to do". And she mentioned Butterfly Crowns, which I have no idea of what it's supposed to look like, but Maddie and I made a go of it, and hers is quite splendid, I must say! A fine crown, indeed.
Thanks, Julie!!
Trev wanted to apply his crafting energy to making and painting a boomerang.
So be it!

We also made giant bubbles. I just couldn't get a picture of one, there is no way to make a bubble as big as your toddler, set down the tools, pick up the camera, and take a picture of it before it bursts! Well, probably someone could, but not me, apparently.

Also in our little book is a mini book of Moon Phases, each phase of the moon is drawn, and stapled together, so that one can view the moon's phase from new, through the quarters, and then back to New again.
I thought it might be a nice way to round off our day - that, and some Moon Cookies. I'd love to head out of the city tonight after dark to check for the constellations, but we'll have to see about that.

"Mom. Are you taking a picture of me picking raspberries?"
Um. "Yeah."
He sighs.
To which I say Psh. You'd think he'd be used to it by now. The magic is in the little things, Son. Hmmph.

We checked our Sugaring. No prospects yet.
Madd broke out her binoculars (always viewed thru backwards) just to make certain we weren't missing anything.
We'll check again late tonight with flashlights, if not before then.

I think it's time now for the moon phase book, hopefully Crescent and Full Moon cookies, then Popcorn-and-a-Movie. The next Indiana Jones movie is up tonight.
Thanks Chris and Aubrey!


  1. Sounds like a fun day! Maddie's butterfly crown looks just gorgeous! So much prettier than I even imagined . We are planning on doing them either tomorrow or sunday (whenever I get to the craft store).

  2. Forgot to mention about the sugaring. In 'Roots, Shoots, Bucket's & Boot's' it's called 'Moth Broth' and it says you can use either rotten banana or peach & brown sugar, and to let it ferment in the sun for two days before slathering it on the tree trunk. Then to sneak up on it at night and turn on a flashlight.

    We'll try it once our bananas get overripe. Let us know what you find!

  3. Our book just said to let it sit for a couple of hours.
    We were involved in our movie last night, and forgot to go outside to check on it! If Eric didn't clean out our mixture last night, we'll let it sit in the sun for a while.

    Oh - and we made the crown and butterfly out of foam sheets - I have a few of them that have sat around for a few years, never used for anything, so I thought they'd hold up better than paper. Maddie loves it.

  4. We are so going to try "sugaring". I suspect ants will be the first to appear.

    Lucy, tends to use her binoculars in a similar manner ;)

    We have not made butterfly crowns, but butterflies on bendy straws so they can fly around the house. Hmmm, seems we already have the scepter, next shall come the crown.

  5. I am so going to sugar something. Your day sounded amazing. I love days ike that!


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