Thursday, June 05, 2008

the zoo

this is for all of you who have never been to the zoo!
I'm teasing, of course. My babes get really excited to see themselves, friends, and interesting things on our blog (and I tend to take a hundred + pictures a day when given the chance), so there you have it.We met up with friends (but lost some of them early on) at the zoo today.

The first part of the day - say, oh, the first four-and-a-half-hours, were of course spent on the playground
the water-spraying elephant
playing chaseand playing tag on a grassy hill,

playing hide-and-go-seeksearching out snowcones,
and playing under the hand-dryer machine. In the bathroom.Usually we can add "at the construction site" to the list, but alas, no backhoes or tractors today!

Eventually (and almost surprisingly -or maybe begrudgingly)

we got to the businessof the animals.
We actually also successfully saw an animal show today (something we don't ordinarily sit through)! Featuring a Very Fine Giant African Millipedea chinchilla, a rabbit, and an opossum.It was a pretty great day at the zoo.
We had pretty steady and heavy rains this morning, with very cool temps, but it actually was just about perfect for the zoo!

The animals were so active, frisky, and interesting today.

We saw rasslin' bears
cuddling cougars
a sloth hanging and actually eatingand lots of other beautiful creatures.


  1. Those are great photos! I wonder if the zoo would want them for anything.

  2. Thanks, Beverly.
    They're not nearly good enough for anyone but me, but I thank you just the same! :)


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