Sunday, June 01, 2008

today - first day of june (or) Don't Think Of It As....

......A Super-Long Post With Eighty-Three Pictures, Think Of It As "Been On A Deserted Island And Have A Lot Of Making Up To Do".

pretend play (these are cameras, don't you know.)


computer games

hummingbird in our yard

new butterfly nets (with loooooooong bamboo handles)
slurpees (watermelon today....... mmmmmmm)
("Oh!! Here comes the paper!!")

and then (to herself) "let's do that again"
and again
and again....

then more discoveries....

"Hey guys! Wanna go investigate with me? We can grab some magnifying glasses, the
butterfly nets - I'll grab the camera, we can rope off an area, and see what there is to discover! Wanna play?"

they did.

A few minutes later, upon further investigation,

"Where are those LadyBugs?" mutters the Mama upon spying aphids on her lovely roses - thinking surely the Little Friends she purchased at Home Depot and promptly liberated into her lovely organic gardens haven't betrayed her and flown elsewhere....

"Heeeeere, LadyBugs!" Comes Little Prince to the rescue.... I have some tasty aphids for you......" waving his Splendid New Net around...

"Heeeeere, LadyBugs!" pipes in Little Honeypot, "I have some yummy Salsa for you!!!" Salsa, being of course, the yummiest thing she can think of....

flirting with Certain Doom because she doesn't know if her Mother really knows what she's talking about......

but then...

maybe she did believe me, because pretty soon she had this amazing cut-off-her-circulation-wrap-around thing going on...

chewing on erasers.

psssh. who says homeschoolers miss out on all the important stuff?

oh - and then one better....

startin' to be dinner time...

Madeleine volunteers to fix supper...

And here I say, Dear Reader, that whoever says Unschoolers/RUers are lazy.... they don't know What In Tarnation they're talking about.

"I 'anna make watermelon lollipops. An' cup-cakes."
"Can we make cupcakes? I want that."
"Uh - I don't know if we have all the stuff.... let me finish this (blog post) and I'll see, okay?"

Living life with A Child (or two or multiple) whom is Free -free to have an opinion, free to have wants, free to express those wants, and -well, frankly- free to expect them to be Honored- well, it ain't easy. It ain't tidy, it ain't problem-free, it ain't carelessness - and It Ain't Easy.

It's colorful....
(like the color on my lampshade
like the color on the back door
like the color on various floors)

but never Easy.

I think my timer shall surely beeeeeeeeeep soon -I begged negotiated for a few minutes of Peace - there are lemon cupcakes (with sprinkles and stars and coloring) to be made - as well as my own supper (they've had Theirs - Ha!) and probably a thousand other things on the agenda. They've had fourty minutes to think about it, after all.....

[scurrying off waving over her shoulder goes The Mama]

As it turns out - not a few minutes but a couple hours later (as there were so many interruptions) - it's Popcorn And A Movie, tonight.
Popcorn, RedVines, PeterPan...
and Me.

G'night, then.


  1. I love this post it is very unschooly- the colored hands and in fact colored everythings reminds me of my girls who think the world is best changed to another color

    and honoring what they want is priceless and NOT easy it is down right work- but would not trade it for the world

  2. what a wonderfilled day!


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