Monday, June 09, 2008

Sunday, June 8th

The first half of our day was spent joyfully cleaning, mowing, playing, snipping flowers from our gardens, playing on the computer, reading, and just being.

In the afternoon we headed out to Antelope Island.
It was strange to see this - the sky met the sea (or so it appeared), and it seemed as if you could just drift off the edge of the world. Just slip peacefully into a pale blue quiet.

bird watching
-and listening - the meadowlark songs were lovely

experiencing really soft sand that you sink into for a week


Oddly enough, I've never seen a sego lily (our state flower) until today.




  1. Cool pictures! You saw a lot more wildlife than we did the last time. The only thing we saw was an antelope way in the distance, oh and of course a few lizards.

    Hey, did you know the Sego Lily is edible?

  2. Such gorgeous pictures! Can you share what part of the country you're in? Not specifics,of course. Just wondering in general where these beautiful places are. Lucky kids to go exploring in all of the beauty. =-)

  3. Naturalist was just saying today that if we lived in Utah, we'd never have to leave the State, we could just travel around forever because there's so much to do there. :) And we've really only been to Moab and SLC.

    I love your pictures! Even though I lived there briefly, you show me a part of Utah that I never really knew!

  4. Julie-
    I actually learned that the other day. That it's our state flower because all parts can be eaten - the tubes, the flower, the roots, which saved the pioneers.
    We were hoping to see burrowing owls again (which is one of the reasons we went late in the afternoon, to see more wildlife), but we didn't.
    Ah well.

    We're in Salt Lake City, Utah.
    Antelope Island is an island in the lake - a nature preserve.
    we have a pretty rich environment here, from (apparently) desolate deserts to ancient rounded mountains with hundreds of lakes, rocky cliffs with pines, and of course the arches, Zions, and Moab down south.
    If we were seaside, we'd have it all! :)


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