Thursday, June 12, 2008

over head and under foot (and a few things in between)

"Who's this?" She knows its not Abe Lincoln, like on the pennies.

"That's Madd's fishing pole," Mama tells the Little Son.
"It's very cool! Hey... there's something on the line!"
After a few minutes of play...
"Hey! This makes a great whip!!!" and he runs off with it humming Indian Jones. :)

Plugging in the patio lights is what started this next adventure.
I plugged in the lights to see if they work, and thought I'd finish cleaning off this patio. (we have two small patios in the backyard)
I started thinking that it might be nice to sit out late tonight on the somewhat lit patio... or maybe we could have a fire.....
"Hey, Trev. Want a Fire Celebration tonight?"
"Yeah!! And we can roast marshmallows!"
"Oooooh, sounds good.....
"Hey, would you like to set up the tent tonight? And we can sleep outside?"

After spending twenty minutes digging the imperatives out of the garage, "You still wanna sleep outside?" (Because, you know, I'd hate to go through all this work for nothing.)
"We need to wink at the same time on the count of three, Mom."
"Okay.""One, two, three! Let the adventures begin!" says Little Son.
I guess that makes it official.

I'm actually really excited about this. Everytime we go camping it rains, and we're in the mountains, and then you don't know if it's gonna rain, so you always put up the rain fly, and don't get to sleep under the stars.
But not tonight! Tonight it's just us and a big screen to keep the mosquitos away.
Madd brought the pillows and bunnies out to "the treehouse". :)

"How would it feel if we raced through The Seven Seas?"
"Well, pretty exciting I would imagine."
"Which Sea is the Tisse (teece) Sea? Which number? Is it the first, the second, the third, the fourth, the fifth, the sixth, or the seventh?"
I knew he was gonna ask me something like that. I have no idea which seas belong to The Seven Seas. Though Teece doesn't sound familiar. :) "I don't know, Bub. Hey! That would be a great thing to check into tonight when we're out on our adventure. We can voyage The Seven Seas!"
And so we shall.

Maybe we'll check out (on the laptop) bats tonight too, and nighthawks, and be very quiet in the stillness to see if we can hear them coming to say hello...


  1. I have to get the tent out now, your post was just too campy to resist. Next month when it is above 50 at night, we are so camping!-K

  2. K-
    it was cold!!!

    We had the down comforter - drug from my bed, my summertime bedspread, and two heavy wools! :)

    The air was super cold (as we were all screens, and no rain fly) but I actually slept really well, it felt soooo cozy and snuggly.

  3. Steph, I have been catching up here and just wanted to say how much fun it has been to read all these posts. The stories and the pictures are really wonderful and I find myself getting lost in the wonder that is your children.

    Wonderful, wonderful posts!!


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