Friday, June 27, 2008

on the road: day two

While driving back tonight I couldn't get my mind around the fact that we actually left home yesterday.
We were only gone away from home for exactly thirty-six hours.
Strange that it seemed as though we had been in an entirely different country for a week. Or world.

We last left off at fixin' to go to breakfast, didn't we?

On the road again.

These were made by the Fremont Indians.
About five thousand years ago.
They made pit houses - which could only be accessed through the roof - through the hole for the chimney.
Evidently studying this dig helped archaeologists to assess why they so suddenly disappeared. ??? We'll have to do some studying on that one.Two friends looking for arrow-heads. And lizards. At the site.
While waiting for our cave tour (a hundred and eleven miles later), Maddie discovered a book called "Wish Upon a Star". It's a book about constellations, with stories about some of them. As we had been wondering just last night about some of them, and she was so interested in the book, of course we bought it.
We had our star chart with us last night, and a book on the nighttime sky, but we hadn't studied it, yet.
It was decided that next time we'll go star gazing a little better informed.
Astronomy is definitely on our list.

This next picture is to show the awesomeness of cave formations. When Lehman discovered the cave, and started selling tickets a hundred years ago, he allowed his customers a souvenir. Where it has been broken off, and newly formed (the small point in the middle of the picture with the drop of water on it) is evidence of the growth rate of the cave. One inch in one hundred years.

Here's a Bristlecone Pine from the Great Basin National Park. They are thought to be the oldest living organisms on earth. They can (and do) live to be five thousand years old.This mountain (Wheeler) in the background has an elevation of over 13,000 feet. The picture was taken at (near the trailhead to Wheeler Point) 10,000. You can hike it if you're so inclined.

Turning toward home - with a stop for some summer day desert fun.
a fabulous way to celebrate the end of our holiday.

to home then.


  1. Wow! see what happens when I don't check up on you in a few days! You hit the road! What an awesome trip. You have inspired me to go find some caverns! Great pics! Lovin your trip...-K

  2. Great pix! The sign of a successful day is always when the kids sack out in the car, huh? We did a 4-week roadtrip two years ago when I was pg with Urban Kid 2. We're doing a shorter version (I hope?) this year. Anywhoooo, looks like a fantastic family vacation!

  3. These beautiful adventures make me want to come back to Utah for more fun for a while! Love the photos!

  4. Urban Mom -
    Four weeks!?!
    Oh my.
    I feel faint.


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