Sunday, June 08, 2008


a fine morning to you.

this morning we have learned about the world's smallest mammal - the bumblebee bat (who is, of course, the size of a bumblebee.
We've learned that a garter snake ("Hey! We caught a garter snake yesterday!") makes no noise, and that the howler monkey can be heard for three miles. We've learned that giraffes only sleep -standing up- for about thirty minutes a day. In small increments. We've learned that a Ruppell's Griffon can fly as high as a jet plane.
We have learned about animal homes - that rabbits dig holes underground, and racoons sleep in logs.

We have also learned that Maddie loves to watch cooking shows (at least Rachel), and that she isn't sure about astronauts.

All before getting out of bed - and all before 8:37am. (Both children were up at 7:50 today. ??? Usually it's 10!)

All this animal talk has changed our plans for the day. Apparently we won't be staying home after all, but will be doing a few chores then heading out to Antelope Island to see if we can find some rabbits and lizards.
In the sunshine.

Have a beautiful day.


  1. I like that kind of freedom to change your days' path and go explore. Awesome.

  2. What an amazing morning!!!! Urban Kid 1 loves Rachel too. She wants to try every.single.thing she sees Rachel make. But when she turns up her nose at dinner, I can sometimes get her to try it with "but it's Rachel's recipe!"

    Again, loving the description of your morning. Interesting how conversations and explorations can meander and grow, huh?


  3. Urban Mom and M -

    It seems that those are the best days.
    When the change of plans is made out of joy, and not frustration, of course! :)


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