Saturday, June 07, 2008

moosetracks, snakes, and wild mountain honey

Our day's adventures began with Trev insisting we breakfast at a particular local diner. You know the kind.Things picked up soon - I so enjoy when the babes ask interesting questions, leading us into thoughtful conversations.

Today it started out with Trev saying "I'd like to know who the first human ever born was."

Soon enough we were driving a quick few minutes up the canyon for the Paddle Festival. We intended to try out many boats today - kayaks, canoes, rafts, and sailboats, but Eric was feeling ill (and not up to being on water), so we soon changed our plans.
We explored the area for a little while, the Mama's time was mostly spent meditating alone on a mountainside surrounded by soft earth, gentle winds, lovely tunes, tall green grasses, and wildflowers - while the babes explored with Eric.
Soon we headed a bit further up the canyon to one of our favorite spots.

Where we discovered wild honeysucklebeautiful birds
moose tracks
a beaver's dam

-and a beaver's trail-

a garter snake - the children's first one

and Maddie's roly poly.
Much to my regret our time was cut short, as Eric has to work this evening.

On the way home Maddie pelted her Daddy with grapes and tomatoes. At first he thought something was flying in the window, and bouncing back out again.
Then we heard wicked laughter coming from the back seat - which gave her away.
Back at home
it's things as usual.

computer games

library books

kickin' it with mags
playin' outside (finally, sunshine!)

chasin' the dog

cookin' dinner

animals of asia

magic school bus.

All is well.


  1. OMG, coachmans! I'm not sure if it's the same one, but hubby and I LOVED to eat there. I mean really, how many dinner/pancake restaurants are there out there?! I loved their crepes (strawberry, I think?). Jeez, it's been almost 17 years ago. :)

    Do they still only take cash? And have dark panelled walls with red velvet trim?

  2. Same one!
    And they take cash (and checks) only!

  3. You caught a snake and ate pancakes! truly a phenom day!-K

  4. same one!

    I can still smell the cigarette smoke mingled with crepes and hot chocolate. who knew that would be so appealing?!

    Jeez, I had forgotten about it. I'll have to plan a special trip just to visit all my old haunts--if they're still there.

    Glad to hear Coachmens is still cash/checks only. :)


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