Monday, June 16, 2008

Lions and Tigers and Bears? Not quite.

But a pretty cool day, none the less.

It started out skinny-dippin in the pool. Not a bad way to begin a summer's day.
At noon we took off to the park, we had a fieldtrip planned with friends - Eric was teaching us all about fishing. You know. Bugs. Tying flies. Who's a native and who isn't. That sort of thing.

Our time at the park wasn't strictly about fishing, of course. Or even most of it, for that matter.

There were ducks. As always.
And a baby duck. As the season allows.
And feeding ducks. Duck food - not breads or popcorn. (Well, duckfood according to The Farm, anyway.)But there was also a duck egg! (My first one.) Very cool.
And a hollowed tree that probably houses raccoons. And rats, if the truth be known.

And there was a leech! (Also my first one.)
Also very cool.
And there were aquatic Sowbugs.
And one single fish.And there were games of chase and water fights, and talking with friends.
And eventually home, because the new puppy was hungry, and Trev was ready to be in his drawers (or out of them) swimming at home.

While in the pool, Trev made another very cool discovery that I highly recommend - take your recorder, and put most of it in the water, and blow on your instrument. It sounds like a slide whistle! Very cool!!
Soon I asked Trev again if he still wanted to go to the Scales and Tails show - he decided that yes, he did. So we packed up our water, and walked over to the library, he and I.

Another very cool adventure!!
The show was very exciting, very kid friendly, and very interactive. A must see for any locals. We highly recommend it. (We were very lucky, at our library there were only about twenty children there, so everyone got a turn helping, and everyone got all the time with the creatures they wanted.)

There was a Giant African Millipede - just like the one we saw at the zoo the other day.

A small tarantula.Scorpions.
An alligator skull. (alligators and crocs are illegal to possess in Utah)
And a Blue-tongued Skink.And a Monitor Lizard.And something that I can't remember what it's called.
And snakes.
I got to hold this beauty (after the show) all by myself for a couple of minutes
(before a child came up and asked if he could have him). It was interesting - I've touched them, but never held one for very long. It was very neat. There is alot of power packed into those little bodies, you can actually feel it in them. A very cool experience. (And another first!)A giant (and I mean giant - 14 feet long) python. The largest one living in the world (well, that we know of) is 27 feet long.

And a red-dotted tortoise.
And a Giant (I forget what it's called) Tortoise named Twinkle Toes.
I fell in love with TwinkleToes, but I'm awfully fond of tortoises, anyway. As I layed on the floor, trying to get a picture of him, he walked right up to me (too close for a shot) and touched noses with me. I could feel his breath wafting through his nose onto mine. It was So Cool.

To home! To home!
Jiggety jig.
For supper. And computer games. And television.

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  1. OOOhhh that was awesome1 i love that type of thing (bet you could not guess!) Looks like a great day-k


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