Monday, June 09, 2008

June 9

painting en plein air

this, to me,
looks like this
a solar system with starscounting and building


computer time

"Is yel-low longer, or white?"
"Do you mean letters, or syllables?"
"I'll spell, you count...."
"So yellow is more!"
"Right. How 'bout syllables?" This is the first introduction of syllables. We've never discussed it. "Yel-low," with claps.
"Whi-t. Two!"
"Not quite...." After we straightened out that one, "How about.... Trev-e-lyn?"
Then two or three more (without claps), and there you have a complete understanding of syllables. Just like that.

legos (building goats)scooby-doo

reading to Annabelle

"Mom. Can you hewp me wiff.......?"loose teeth falling out - two of them!


tidying up Mama's (outside) Corner

cleaning the patios.


"How come when we eat outside we have to have the sheet/blanket on the table, these wash cloths, and That Music!?! I mean, the sheet/blanket on the table(table cloth) and the wash cloths (placemats) I don't really mind.... but that music ...!!"
He doesn't much care for Streisand, Nate King Cole, and Lena Horne, I don't think.
The poor darling.

Turn it up a bit, while you're over there, would you?
And let's have another glass of wine.....

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  1. simply beautiful :) thanks for stopping by my blog! I've added you to my list of blogs to read regularly!!


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