Monday, June 23, 2008

June 23

Books and books and books.

Trev: "Don't mind me, Mom." as he runs through the livingroom, "I'm just being chased by a pack of anomalocarises."

Madeleine: "Doctors are very, very handsome for me."

Maddie: "You will pay wiff your life."The sweet little darling.

Trev: "Are there any other types of arachnids besides spiders in the world?"

Trev: "Can aliens climb up trees?"

Homemade popsicles.

Trev: "I am a genius. You're very lucky, Mom, because you have a genius son. I can make two animals together."
"Do you mean cross-breed them?"
"Yes. I can cross a hynerpeton and a chameleon. The hynerpeton will have a long tongue, log legs, giving it avle (able) to swim, to climb up trees to escape predators. And the chameleon giving avle to swim down waterfalls, and of course giving the chameleon avle to cross broken into three pieces logs. Without even falling in. Because they're too light to fall in if it's half hynerpeton."

Drawing (for Maddie). Nest. Bird. Teddybear. Trevelyn's castle. Airplane. Butterfly.

Including laundry.

Grandma's Peanut Butter Cup Cookies. (Thanks Aunt Kathy!)

A picnic supper.

The drive-inn.
We love the drive-inn!

Climbing sleepily into clean sheets.

Life is so good.

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  1. your kids are awesome and of course you already know that! love, love these conversations : ) and you are an awesome mama xo


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