Wednesday, June 11, 2008

June 11

This morning started out with Trev snuggling next to me with a dinosaur library book while I finished yesterday's post.
Pretty great.

Soon we were tidying the livingroom, and discussing plans for the day. It seems that our trip to downtown is out, and staying home and making cookies is in.

Madeleine was easily distracted while tidying up, and decided to build trampolines and rockets with k-nex while Trev and I picked up yesterday's play.Trev and I were distracted by Paul Bunyan - one of our library books. I didn't like it. It said that Paul Bunyan made his way west with his axe, and that's why there are no trees on the Great Plains. Hmmph. Everyone knows that Paul Bunyan loves the forested woods, and would never carelessly destroy forests.

Kidzui for both while Mama straightens up.

Morphscomputer play for one, Dora for the other.

more computer play - shadow matching games for Madd, Batman for Trev.

Maddie trying to show Annabelle her Most Important Discovery - which would be ants from the kitchen floor. :) "Look, Annabelle! Here's another one! Look - here's one more!" They seem to be pretty happy living under her chair. lol

"Is it a harsh life when you're rich?"
"Um. Well... maybe. I mean... you don't have to worry about money if you're rich, so that's something."
"Do you have to worry about termites?"
lol "Well, yes. I suppose so." (Our house is brick, and we don't have termites.)
"Can we pretend we're rich?"
"I sure would like a PlayStation. And lots of games and everything. The colors, the shapes, the way they look, the way they move...." sigh.
A sigh comes from his Mama, as well.

more library books
Steps From Home!

"What are you doing, Bub?"
"I'm trying to make some good pictures!"
"Oh!!" so a laughing Mama dutifully snaps the boy's Good Picture Makers.
G'night then.

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