Tuesday, June 10, 2008

June 10

Yesterday was a pretty great at-home day.
Trev really likes KidZui, and yesterday I put one up for Madd. She loves it! So far she's just played Clifford a lot (and won't let me add anything else to her favorites - Dora? "No, I want Clifford." I know, but isn't there something else, too? "I want Clifford.")
When Daddy got home she had to tell him all about KidZui.

There was painting out of doors.

Madd threw a tea party for Annabelle, again. This time with lemonade and orange juice. There were stories and puzzles, too, in lieu of chitchat, since the conversation is sometimes sort of one-sided. (Sometimes Annabelle feels so free when she's invited to tea that she actually refuses to eat the plastic or wooden foods, or even nods off for a nap!!)
We (well, one of us did) cleaned, and puttered around the house.

After lunch we decided we'd take Steps From Home, but ended up changing our plans to going to the library. I love that the closest library is only three blocks away!

On the way home from the library we of course stopped for a slurpee.

We got a nice stack of books and videos - once again we're at our limit. That's two times in a row, when we have to put some back because we're over thirty!

Later Trevy and I had a lovely walk to the (local) grocer's for supper and popsicles- it's only two blocks away, in the opposite direction. On the way there we saw too ducks hanging out by a shop doorway. It led to a conversation about mating.
"Look - a mama and a daddy. She looks like she's had her eggs," I said, I thought she looked thin.
"Maybe they use this place as their breeding ground. It's the perfect place. There are plenty of trees around, and bushes. There are no foxes or mice around...."
And on it went.
On the way back home, "Is Blackbeard related to No Beard?"
"Uh... do you mean Captain Bluebeard? I've never heard of No Beard. Are you Captain No Beard?"
"You don't have a beard."
"Well, it's true that I am beardless...."
"Is Daddy captain No Beard?"
"Daddy has freckles. I mean, whiskers."
"Maybe I am Captain No Beard!"
"Yes!! You are Captain No Beard!"

The ducks were gone.
"Well - it's probably not a good idea to mate by that door, the female duck could get smashed!" said Trev. :)

"What does the captain call the other pirates?"
"Uh. ? I don't know. The only one I know of is that oftentimes the cook is called Cookie."

We should check into that.

Life is good.

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