Thursday, June 26, 2008

from the road

don't you love roadtrips?
ghost town.
fossil digging.
fossils found. but yet to be identified.
(these beauties belong to me)Several trilobites for all of us. That would be from the middle of the Cambrian Period folks - over 500 million years ago. There is something really cool about finding a treasure that has never been seen or touched by anything for over 500 million years.

horse country.
learning about wild horses.
seeing hawks, what we think might be prairie falcons, antelope, deer, and a wild coyote!

sweaty and sticky babes.
the grandest and greatest Motel Room in the world. according to Trevelyn.
dinner at the Diner.

a drive out into the darkness to better view the Milky Way.

Trev woke up just now and asked "What'd I miss?"
Looks like it's time for breakfast at the diner, and then to the Great Basin, and Lehman Caves.
I'm hoping along the way we can do a little rock hounding - there are about twenty different kinds of stones and semi-precious stones that can be found in this area. Amazing.


  1. Oh what fabulous fossils!! :D Envy envy!! ;D

  2. What a fun trip! Damek will be fascinated by your fossil finds:) When he gets up I will show him your pictures.


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