Sunday, June 01, 2008

Charmed by The Prince

Mama had a date with Little Son on Saturday.

We were invited to The Theatre, to see [insert big, booming 1930's-style announcer's echoing voice] ".....20,000 Leagues Under The Sea".

We lunched first at a favorite spot of ours.

Which is a favorite, of course, because one is rather free - free to watch the birds flitting around, free to take off one's shoes, free to get up and go see the ducks should they come for a visit - and not expected to sit still for Too Terribly Long.

Then, later...





At which time the Fair Maiden [as the Mama pats her tangled hair] comes to the rescue

of the Fair Prince

and promptly slipped on the mischeivous rocks

to fall into the icy water

squarely upon her Royal Rump.

Putting a spot of grime, even, on her white linen pants.

(Which she couldn't see, thankfully - and which she was able to laugh about, and so glad that she was wearing linen - which "....should dry by the time we get to the Theatre!")

The Theatere, alas, does not allow pictures.

The Play.


The Mama thought it was great. Well - strange, loud, virulent, passionate... but good....

and the Little Prince thought it was okay...

that is

until the end

when the wicked Captain Nemo was drug into the depths

-Never To Be Seen Again-

by his Much Feared Enemy

The Giant Squid.

It was a passionate and emotional play,

and the ending was just a little too much for the Little Prince,

who promptly burst into tears

over the surprise and betrayal of it all.

He wanted me to relate the horrible details to his Dear Papa, but since then has not yet mentioned it.

We'll see in a few days what more he has to say about it.

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