Wednesday, June 11, 2008

800 Steps From Home

We kind of got distracted, and stopped at 760-something. Ah, well.

We got to visit with a neighborhood friend for a minute, until she had to dash off to Dress Rehearsal.
And we looked for caterpillars.
Which we didn't find.
But we did discover an ant hill.
And we did notice this lady bug enjoying a little smackeral of something.
I told her that I had aphids, too.
And that they were especially tasty.
Then I asked suspiciously if she was from our gardens, and if she'd be coming back anytime soon?

I couldn't understand what she said - her mouth was too full.


  1. Thank you, Stephanie, for your sweet comment! I enjoy reading your blog, too. :)

  2. You should really post this on the Growing Naturally blog! Great idea.


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