Friday, May 30, 2008

welcoming summertime

today promised to be a beautiful day.

we've had storms and cold for over a week, (with a brief respite) and a lovely friend this morning sent us an invitation to play that we couldn't refuse!


and fish

a bird show

a picnic

and a parade led by a peacock.

there was running

and rolling

and all sorts of chasing.

there was imaginitive play

and swinging

and let's not forget the snowcones.
there was sliding

and climbing
and there was water play.

there were lovely conversations.

and there was fun for Mama.

there was friendship

and there was sunshine

and there was rain.

there was more cuteness (almost) than one mama can take.

and it all has left this mama shaking her head
so filled with the joy of it.

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