Friday, May 02, 2008

not lost!


We're not lost.
Well, not really, anyway.

Mama has been working reformatting the Backyard Capers website. (It's going public with ads instead of by subscription for calendars and goings-on in our area.

But it's so much bigger than my home town!! (or my country, for that matter.)

Please check out my work, if you would be so kind....
the pages you'll be most interested in (being the adventurous explorers that you are)

are the home educating websites - Virtual Fieldtrips (not completed, but still cool)

Experiments/Hands On Learning (websites with cool experiments)

and Videos, which is also not finished

It is my hope that when it's done it will be a great resource for all those that choose to educate themselves.

Really!, why does anyone go to an institution when they don't have to???

I'll be back soon....

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  1. Thanks so much! Bookmarking for future perusal and reference. Also, the pix above are very cool!!!


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