Monday, May 19, 2008

happy days

I don't imagine myself adaptable, yet it's laughable how fast I can go from "Oh, I want Spring!" to "How is it possible that these flowers are so small? It's ninety degrees (never mind that we're in the midst of a capital heat wave), I Am A Gardener (ahem - debatable), why are these lovelies not shouting their Glory from the rooftops???"
Silly, silly girl.
Know, Dear Friends, that our heatwave is expected to come to an abrupt and screeching halt on Wednesday. Accompanied by temps of around fifty+ degrees. Which is your forewarning that I shall probably be complaining again of how I long for Spring (which to me means a divine and steady temperature of 70-75 degrees.)
Doesn't mean much to you, but it's all silliness and contrariness and inconsistencies to me. Something I have been pondering of late.

Ah well.
Today!I am so divinely happy with the day's events.
And the babes, too, I think.

Let's see.

Imagining dinosaurs. Which entailed pretend trips to China, and visits with Giant Pandas and Bamboo Forests. And collections of every sort of dinosaur. Temporarily housed in what I am not certain, but I was sweet-talked into hosting them for the night, and assured that they would not eat me and my Loves and would be moved on to their final destination tomorrow.

Giant and miniscule.
Perhaps even - ahem - indoors and out.
One Flying Ant. (Out, thank you.)

This beauty. Woohoo! We are the So Proud! owners of one new (manually powered by nothing more than the consumption of Grapenuts for breakfast followed later by a cold beer) Push Mower.

And this.Be still my heart.

this is one of those things that sets me apart from others (rational beings) in my world.Not from Kindred Spirits, certainly. (I finally did it, Sheri!)
Some folks know exactly.But this simple thing is, for me, one of those really really Good Things In Life -
romantical, magical, sweet, lazy, hazy,

well, perfect.
Life Is But A Dream sort of stuff.

Love and more loves to You and Yours.

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