Thursday, May 15, 2008


pray tell...
are these children looking at?what can they be anticipating with such serious countenance?

You know those days -
those Utterly Perfect sort of dayswhen nothing special happens
but as you live and breathe
and love
and play
and grow
and Be
you can't help but think
Wow. Life is so good.

Is there anything better than this?

And the children say
let's plant the garden! And let's throw down the grass seed!
And you make a picnic lunch
while one of them spreads the blanket on the so-spectacularly-green grass.

And when lunch has been had you toss down some seed. And some peat.
And try to not feel too guilty about grass, because you are , after all, growing food in your front yard, too.
Watermelon next to the daisies. Spinach mixed in with the irises. Blackberries along the front fence. Raspberries by the gate.Then you ask Who wants to help hang laundry on the line
and Little Honeypot says she does.

And you can feel yourself melding and breathing into the day.
And relaxing.
And growing.

And the breeze kicks up again, stirring the windchimes, and you happen to glance over at the linens on the line,
the wicker basket shines in the sun, the grass glows in a mottled pattern through the fruit tree-filtered sunshine, the dog stretches next to the basket, the big wheel and the bouncy ball glow like fire again,
and all you can think
This simple scene.
This is my enchantment.
Life is so good.


  1. I really like this post Steph! Looks like summer at your house:)

  2. They froze!
    Well, alternatively.
    BUt we knew the weather was going to be hot this weekend, so we wanted to get the pool up so the water could heat over the next few days.

  3. Good idea! Reminds me, we need to go buy a pool:) Damek wants a big one like yours. I looked at the end of the season last year and they were sold out:( I'll add that to our to do list today.

  4. Beats the daylights out of winter, doesn't it? It's such a great time of year... Glad that they're enjoying it (sounds like YOU are too!)

  5. I can't believe it's finally here!

    I always check your blog to see what kind of weather to expect over here the next few days. :)

    I hope we have as much fun in the sun as you guys are!

  6. Life is so good. Beautiful pictures!


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