Friday, April 04, 2008

Welcome to Growing Naturally

Growing Naturally's Homepage
has been moved Here.

I've moved GN to its own blog, which can be found here, or at

I wanted to wait initially to see if folks were interested, but now it occurs to me that asking a bunch of people to change the codes in their sidebars (to move) isn't very smart.


It's up.
I hope that you'll check in sometimes to see the great ideas that the members have, even if you're not interested in joining us.

I'm really looking forward to these connections.


  1. this is exciting! you know i'm there. have to figure out how to begin. have been really wanting to jump in wholeheartedly, but haven't. don't know why though. it's seems really big and intimidating, but i suppose it doesn't have to be.

  2. I'm so glad you want to play!
    Tara has some great ideas about how to begin sustainable living, and MamaK at frogcreek is living on a homestead... I hope they'll both join.
    And I'm hoping some of my friends around here will, too.

  3. I am so in! we'll it is the beginning of a homestead. I try everyday to be more in tune with Mother Earth and my babes just follow along because it feels good. So please count me in!-K

  4. Oh, K!!!
    I"m so glad! I was hoping you would!!

  5. Sweet! Have you thought about using I think it's free...I think. :]

  6. Tara -
    I have, and I have growingnaturally at blogger reserved... but I wanted to see if anyone was interested, before I did that! :)
    I'd love for your two (SS and Heartsing) to be on the list!

  7. I'm with ladybug zen in feeling a bit intimidated and overwhelmed. I want to participate though. :) I'll keep watching you for guidance in this.

  8. M -
    I'm so glad!
    It's not anything to be nervous (intimidated) by.
    Do you recycle?
    Do you want natural places for your children to play?
    Do you believe in supporting your children's interests?
    Really! - That's all it's about.
    And for some of us it means longing to be a homesteader, but not daring to even call ourselves "Urban HOmesteaders". :) (Yet.)


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