Monday, April 07, 2008

Sunday, April 6

Yesterday I was working in the front, and every once in a while I'd have to go into the back, to grab another haul of compost, or to dig up something to be transplanted... whatever.

One of the times I went in the back, I saw this.

I heard the words "... there'll be girls... rockstar music..... " and something else that I cannot recall, now.
It made me smile.
I hope that I'll find them in ten years in the same position talking of the same thing.


  1. Thanks!
    It made me happy to see it.

  2. That picture really speaks to me, as I've sort of been preoccupied by a certain father/son relationship that is less than stellar (extended family), and ache for this boy who will never feel a connection like that with his own father.

    Anyway, I think our whole philosophy on living will only enhance and nurture that relationship (the one you can see in your photograph).

  3. Julie -
    I'm counting on it.

    As long as we have our hearts truly open, how can it be otherwise?

  4. Love it! Taking time for, and remembering the most precious things in life.


  5. There is something about a trampoline that brings out lounging and conversation. I love to listen in on the conversations my kids have on hot summer days and if I need to figure out what is going on in someone's head, I always suggest a few jumps!

  6. Sarah - I love them so.

    Heather - thanks for leaving a comment! Oh, for hot summer days!
    The weatherlady promises 80 degrees on Monday - yesterday the high was like 47, I believe.
    I can hardly wait!!!
    It will be a delicious and rare treat!


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