Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Our Day

Honeypot (I've taken to calling her this lately, instead of Cakes) read herself If You Give A Pig A Pancake this morning. Propped on her chair, purse at her side.

Pippi Longstocking. (Maddie's favorite movie, for the last couple of weeks.)

Tellie Tubby games and then videos about strawberries, sandcastles, and how to make hay bales.

Books. Kitchen time.

Leisure time.Traveling to Far Away Places time.

Dinosaur Hunter - an excellent cdrom that is really the exploration of a museum, with lots of videoes, bone identification, excavations, all the things that fascinate a serious prehistoric scientist.

Demonstrations (and really accurate! I might add) of how dilophosaurus walked.

Carmen Sandiego - in which we explored Ancient Egypt and Caesar's time.
More Dinosaur Hunter, and the building of skeletons.

A warm bath followed by more Pippi Longstocking (which may or may not have been accompanied by a little nap).

The admiration of one's face in various shiny and reflective pots.

Musical serenades.
Trampoline jumping.

Oatmeal cookies.

Finishing off currently with the always favorite pastime... playin' with Daddy.

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  1. OMG! Pippy Longstockings and Carmen San Diego rock!!


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