Tuesday, April 15, 2008

the last few

Mostly our days have been filled with warm breezes, sunshine, damp soil, shoveling, jumping, and computer games.
Yesterday Madd got out her garden playmobile set, and sat and played for quite a while. It's the first time she's really chosen to play with it.
Trev has a cold (or whatever it is), so one day he spent on the couch being bored out of his mind, but not wanting to do anything, either, and then Sunday and yesterday he ventured to the computer for a while, and then also managed to spend some time outdoors yesterday.
Madd is still loving (and singing as loud as she can) Pippi Longstocking.
She totes around babies, tucks them in or pushes them around in the cart.
She's been helping with the gardening, digging in the dirt, watering (always the funnest job), and looking for rolypolies.
We changed our landscape (well, Mama did) in the front dramatically - I took out the rosebushes, and we're putting in raspberries, blackberries, a lilac, an azalea, and another large bush, along with a clematis with huge red flowers on the fence (I hope it grows, I don't usually do so hot with clematis!)
We are determined to have privacy in our front yard.
We got the new (used) computer yesterday. The processor is super fast (it completely shuts down and restarts in just a few seconds! - our others take at least a minute!, they're so loaded with programs!) and it has XP Pro, so all of our older games work on it.
It doesn't have dsl access at the moment, but that's only a matter of picking up a cord.
Trev loved having his old games yesterday, and spend the late afternoon playing JumpStart First Grade Math. It's sooooo nice to not have the thing crash every few seconds!

It's been magnificently warm - 81 yesterday, if you can believe that!, and most of us have enjoyed being outside.
We barbecued one night (we were sposed to do so with friends, but Trev got sick), and have been enjoying each other and being at home.
Today it cools off, with a storm the next couple of days, so I spose it will be a good time to get stuff done inside, and to laze around.

My camera is done for, I think - the lens is stuck closed and will not open again. Sigh. Time to take it in, I guess.

Life is good here.

Enjoy that warm air and sunshine that's coming your way!

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