Thursday, April 03, 2008

growing naturally

A new project.
A Growing Naturally project.

What this means exactly is many different things.
It means any of them, and it means all of them.
It means living some of life on the outside of doors.
It means wanting to be a friend to the Earth.
Being a child who is familiar and fascinated with rocks, birds, mosses, squirrels, tracks, lizards, bugs, rivers, seashells, ducks, or mud puddles.
Being someone who enjoys a walk in the rain.
Or snowshoeing on a mountainside.
It means recycling, and teaching little ones to do so.
It means once in a while you take a bag with you to the park to pick up trash that's lying around.
It means owning a magnifying glass. Or two.
Maybe it means thinking dirt under the fingernails is always appropriate.
It means wild bird seed and hummingbird feeders.
It means a hummingbird and butterfly garden in your backyard.
It means leaving a couple of weeds in your yard alone because the beneficial garden spiders call them home.
It means you make wishes with dandelions.
It means birdbath.
Hanging laundry on the line.
Baking cookies instead of buying them.
It means collecting leaves in the fall, gathering colorful rocks out of stream beds in the summertime, putting dandelions in a budvase when they're offered to you, and catching snowflakes on your tongue.
It might mean organic gardens.
It might mean picking raspberries right off the canes.
It might mean decorating for winter holidays with strands of cranberries, popcorn and orange slices for outdoor animal friends.
It might mean reading a book while lying blissfully in the shade of your favorite tree.
It might mean you're always barefoot.
It might mean your favorite part of the day is your first cuppa while sitting in the sun, urging it to warm the earth and your self.
It means painting outdoors.
It means collecting acorns and pinecones.
It means compost.
And earthworms.
It means visits to the natural history museum.
And local farms.
It means dirty feet and gingham dresses dangling from a tire swing.
It means catching frogs -or trying to- and chasing lizards.
It might mean gathering eggs and patting the nose of your favorite cow every morning... if you're lucky.
It might mean knowing where the best fishin' is at any time of the year.
It means open windows.
It means freckles on noses.

It means learning about what you're interested in. Whatever that might be.
It means living your best life --according to your own desires and nature.
As I said here, it about learning. And being. And loving, and living, and thinking, and even representing ourselves and the people we are naturally.

The goal and intent is to live and grow naturally.
Wanna come outside and play?

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  1. I hear you. Such soothing music to my soul. It's my dream life. The life that i am trying to make happen. It's a simple but sweet life. It's glorious here. -K


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