Saturday, April 26, 2008

the children

the Mama is sooooooo in love with her babies.
over the last several days, there have been many fascinations and joys, including (but not limited to)

skipping through the kitchen

"hey, let's spell letters wiff me!"

questions of "why do numbers go on forever?"

tea parties

snuggles with babies (of the stuffed and miniature variety)

requests of "will you tell me some Tall Tales?"






popsicle eating

more popsicle eating

icecream sandwich eating

more icecream sandwich eating

feeding Kermit. that was so cool!! when our friends Aubrey, Xavier, and Soleil were over the other day we were very brave and decided to feed our plant. Kermit. this was friday. we fed it a slug that i found under some paper in the backyard. i was hesitant, but you know. the babes were eager. guess what!?! by sunday night it had already digested it!! the leaves had already started opening back up again! Wow!!! the mama is still amazed by the whole thing.

spring has sprung. one day were were tiny buds on the trees, and two days later the trees are green. amazing!

missing the camera dreadfully.

computer play.

lollipop making.

playing with cousins.

snuggles and movies.

building with lincoln logs

fashion shows

watermelon eating

and more dancing


  1. slugs and meat eating plants...makes me queazy, but I bet the kids loved it! Almost makes me want to get one!

  2. Ditto CP, I would have been gagging but everyone would have been hootin and hollering all around.


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