Thursday, April 17, 2008

big big day

Well - we dinna catch any frogs. Or froglets. Or tadpoles.
Didn't even see any, actually.
But we did see a red-winged blackbird, a sparrow hawk (I think that's it - I'll have to check with dh and correct as needed. Or maybe he'll leave a comment and say it was something else), and an osprey. Which was huge!
We went for a walk, and fished from the bank, scooted, ran, tromped, and in general had a nice morning.

Since Eric had to go to work, we came back a bit earlier than we would have liked, and Trev and Madd got to jump with him on the tramp for a few minutes before he biked to work.

Maddie wanted to go to the farm, so we made plans to play at our local historic farm for a couple hours of (odorous and dirty) fun. Picnic in tow.
Chickens, cows (which Maddie always calls horses - it's the funniest damned thing), real horses, donkeys (or burro's or whatever they are - sorry, don't mean to be disrespectful, I just don't know the difference). Lambs and sheep - babies are always a big hit - roosters, turkeys, pigeons (pigeons are a huge hit with Trev), rabbits, pigs, goats with kids, and ducks. The farmhouse kitties eluded us today.

Another swell time!

Maddie wanted to go to the playground, also (which means any park) and we had intended to go, but among so much fun and rivers and tiny creeks to jump over, Trev managed to soak his shoes and part of his pants - in addition to them being quite exhausted at this point, and ready for home.
So home we went.
After a few minutes of rest the babes were in the bath, and Mama had a few minutes to get online, and check out some library things.
Animal, Vegetable, Miracle has a huge wait-list, by the way.
But they had lots of cdrom's that we have lost or are interested in, so I suggested that we get out to our not-usual libraries that are still roughly in the neighborhood. (We have four libraries within a couple of miles of our house. Pretty cool.)
At the first library I decided that I didn't need my purse - just my library card.
We checked out a whole huge stack of cdrom's. Woohoo!
Got to the car. Funny. I'm not jingling keys anywhere.
Ah, shit!
No money for a pay phone.
Don' wanna pay for a locksmith.
"Back inside, guys. Trev - I need you to stay close, and not fuss at me, okay? This is going to be stressful for a few minutes, and I really need your help, okay? C'mon, guys, stay close.........
"Hi. I've locked my keys in the car, and don't have my purse, do you have a phone I can use?"
Eric says his keys are at home (not with him at work.) Thank God.
Call Grammy to rescue us? Nope, not home.
"Okay, Guys. We have to walk home, and walk back. Let's go."
Of course about two minutes later.... "I want you to carry me," says little HoneyPot.
"I can't carry you, baby."
Shit. We've had a huge day - they'll never make it.
Wait.... our friends Julie, Lee, Damek and Kyan live between here and home.... maybe they can help us in some way....
And they did!
We totally interruped their supper, their family time, their hang-out-with-each-other-and-play time, but they totally saved us.
Trev stayed with Damek to play while Julie took Maddie and I home to get keys, then back to the library.
Thanks so much again, Julie! You'll have a yummy growler of golden deliciousness on your front porch sometime soon!

Since we have a few minutes of daylight left, and we're not completely exhausted and stumbling (thanks to our Heroes) - let's go to the other library that we wanted to visit!

And after that, let's play at the park right next door for an hour before we head home for supper and collapse, shall we?
Of course we shall!

Now it's Clifford videoes in the livingroom, computer games for Trev, and Mama shares the bench and neighboring computer doing a couple of things herself.

That's it for us.
Goooooooooood night!



  1. Wow! Great day and even better about the good friends and rescue. it almost always works out. It was a truly positive post!-Kim

  2. We locked both sets of car keys in the car yesterday at Target. Thank goodness for good friends with AAA memberships to help out with that!

  3. Steph,

    I swear it was meant to be. I rarely have dinner going that early, and what I made took me like an hour to prepare (gnocchi alla romana), Lee had just finished up on his tiling in the bathroom and I just put the dish in oven when you guys knocked on the door. So, yes, it was in fact the most perfect time for you to have come:) Do not hesitate if it happens again, which I hope for your sake it won't.

    Glad to have been of help!



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