Wednesday, April 09, 2008

April 9

built a nest for her stuffed animals and two big bouncy balls.
played with Thomas
watched Dora
jumped on the tramp for a bit
watched Cinderella for the first time
Winnie ther Pooh for a sec (while cuggling on and off with Annabelle.)
backward somersaults in the livingroom
peregrines on Animal Planet (Yes, lots of tv today - it's cold and dark for several days, now, but promises to be an unheard of 70!!! this weekend! woohoo!!)
making music on the keyboard
serenading while making music (where is thumbkin? and row, row, row your boat)

bit of jumpin' on the trampoline
helped Madd with Starfall
saw Venus Flytraps on UEN
which of course led to looking for Venus Flytrap videos on youtube which we saw a spider get eaten. flytraps grow
...a flytrap eat a beetle
and a flytrap eat a frog!!
White Tip's Journey - a Discovery Channel video
backward somersaults
Jeff Corwin - Jesus lizards and peregrine falcons - woohoo!
more Starflyers
playing in the "iceballs that are raining from the sky."
reenactment of Cinderella - antics of GusGus and Jack

and laundry
Venus Flytraps
read about (for her own interest) Arthur Dobbs' discovery of flytraps in 1760 in North Carolina.
ope - more laundry
backward somersault (who knew???)
more laundry (yes, still)
must update blog entry since there are no damn pictures
more laundry and surely I've done something else the last couple of hours....
time to get ready to go to a class with a couple of friends....


  1. this is a fun list. something i could do. :) yay for fun filled days.

  2. I love the laundry, laundry and more laundry thing. That's how it feels some days, huh?

  3. Hey! We have and love White tips journey too! Lovely well rounded lists for all!-Kim

  4. It felt to me like we did nothing. :)


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