Wednesday, April 16, 2008

April 16

watched Winnie ther Pooh for a minute.

played with Fred, Velma, Scoob, Shag and Daphney and the Mystery Machine.

Playmobile castle was up next.

Trev woke up.
Began his day by playing 3D dinosuars, a windows 3.1 (ever heard of that??? :) ) game from the library.

Madd hosted a tea party with the knights of the castle. Filled up their ale mugs with apple juice. They seem to accept the substitute alright.

Mama's happily cleanin'. Checked off the livingroom, bathroom, Trev's room, Madd's room, and is currently in the den. Laundry and the kitchen are still on the list.


more computer games for Trev.

Mama moves to the kitchen.

music time for Madd - keyboards and wailin' in the mic.

readin' books. (all by Herself)

balloon baseball. indoors. (all of us.)

jumpin and bouncin' (through a cold but sunshiney day)

plans for cookies

walking with prehistoric beasts: saber tooth

more knight play for Maddie.

made scouring powder. there is something so fabulously delicious about that - one handful of borax to two handsful of baking soda - add a few drops of spearmint essential oil and grapefruit essential oil - it's so divine that it's a joy to scrub kitchen counters. a joy, i tell you!

more balloon fun

dressing babies. shoes, of course. n_____ - but with shoes.

checked out potato eyes - "Hey, remember yesterday when we talked about how of some plants we eat the bulb, or the root? like potatoes, onions, carrots? And that potatoes grow eyes, and each eye will grow new leaves and more potatoes? Here are the eyes - see, this one already has roots forming...."

time for cookies - babes say "chocolate chip!" Mama says "again?!? are you sure???" yup. they're quite sure.
an' there you have it.

kitchen's almost done... cookies in oven....

it's awfully quiet.... ah! there they are - side by side at the computer....

let's just get that dishwasher emptied and this other half of the floor mopped real quick....

babes in the bath....

aah. 5:25 and All Is Well.


  1. so the scouring powder is instead of comet for example? Or 409? Or what. :) Love the idea. :)

  2. Yup, I use it instead of comet.
    409 is different - I have another recipe for that!! :)
    Maybe I'll post them tomorrow on hf.


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