Saturday, March 01, 2008

pretty close to Heaven

Well, besides that Little Son's cough sounds like a barking seal.
Went from healthy to death-defying (or so it sounds like) last night.
And that he missed a good friend's birthday party today.
But if you have to be laid up on the couch, we couldn't ask for better than brand new (to us) shows such as What Killed the Megabeasts? Followed by Raising the Mammoth and then The Baby Mammoth and finishing it off with (we have on tape) Dinosaurs Return to Life and T-Rex, New Science, New Beast.

Maddie keeps drifting to the windows and doorways, and singing/saying "Oh, how Beeeeeautiful!!"
It's snowing.

Mama's cleaning the kitchen, after having a short day at work due to Little Son's illness.
Cleaning and cooking.
Daddy's working.

One of my favorite speakers is on pbs later tonight.

Life seems pretty gentle (all things considered), and good.

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  1. Seems like a serene kind of day. Glad you're enjoyig it!


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