Monday, March 31, 2008

March 31

I think it's been forever since I've done a "capture the day" post. Seems that way, anyway.
Doesn't help that I still haven't gotten the camera fixed, so when I finally get it to turn on I cannot focus in or change anything, I have to just take the pic as is.
Better than nothing! (Which is why I have not taken it to the shop, yet!)

We woke up to this...
Which gave us an idea....
cleanin' (baking soda with essential oils, mmmmm....)
a Bubble Party (utilizing three different containers of bubblers constitutes a Party!)
a few Magic School Bus shows

lots of discussing bugs. catterpillars. butterflies. dragonflies. spiders. (Madd is clearly caught here in a spider's net)
playin' with Daddy

jello fun.

now we're all about cookin' fried chicken and mashed potatoes for supper , plans for homemade chocolate chip cookies, and Mama wants her daily walk.

See you tomorrow!


  1. wow! what a busy day of fun and frolicking.

  2. My kids love to eat snow, too. We put a little maple syrup on it, but they mostly just like the snow.

  3. The snow cones are a wonderful idea! Never thought of that with our wonderful white fresh snow.

    Oh yes, Damek and his 2 neighbor friends were also on the trampoline yesterday only when I offered to shovel the snow off, they said "no! we want to jump in the snow", so jump, slip, slide, fall & get wet they did:)

  4. Julie
    :), Eric cleaned if off before he went skiing, so it would be dry when he got home. He told the babes (as always) that he'd jump with them when he got home.
    Trev loves jumping in the snow... Eric, :) however, does not!

  5. Looks like a tremendously successfull day! Fun!

  6. I love these posts. You capture the spirit of the day so well it seems! I really need to make an effort to capture a whole day myself, I just never think to have the camera on me all day! :)

  7. What an awesome, awesome day! I shpould try a capture day one day.... Oh and thanks for the link help,'cept I DO use a Mac, but I am gonna get it one day ;.)


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