Monday, March 03, 2008

March 3

"Who do you think was the predator, and who do you think the prey, in this Hybodus, and Metriorhyncus?"

"Were giant insects the only creatures alive in the Carboniferous Period?"
(Which he knows the answer to -no-, but it still makes for fun investigations in our books - we love Petrolacosarus, Arthropleura, and Mesothelae around here.)

"Can Tasmanian Devils swim?"
Which led to a really great site, and lots more questions about Tasmanian Devils.
Do they have predators? What do they eat? How may young to they have? How many are there? Are they dangerous to humans?

Starfalland Sesame Street

and story boards
and computer time for Trev
Trike ridin' for Madd
Skiin' for Daddy
Painting for Mama
an' Madd


  1. What a wonderful day!!! I love the paintings they are so beautiful. The second one is that the Goddess? She has always been one of my favorite symbols. Peaceful and beautiful but with the abillity to bring down the house if needed. ;)

    I think we may have the same felt board. Rhiannon at almost 11 still plays with it. :) It has brought so many hours of imaginative play.

  2. I want to see more of your paintings!

  3. Sheri -
    it's similar.
    I wanted a symbolic figure for myself.
    I had an urge to paint a picture of me embracing The All, sky, and God.


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