Monday, March 24, 2008

March 24


  1. Now see, that's NICE winter. You wear a hat so you won't get chilly, not so you won't get frostbite.
    Good job on the skis, girl!

  2. Living in the desert does have its advantages, I suppose.
    We're in agricultural zone 5B, so it gets cold, but it's mostly because of our elevation (4330 feet, though this ski resort is 8000), not because we live up your way.
    We can get well below zero in the winter, and well above 100 every summer.
    Varied, to be sure.

  3. Wow, I'm impressed, on ski's at age 2! Did she have fun? She looks so relaxed.

  4. Looks like she's at about the same level of skiing as me! Also looks like a very fun day. Thanks for sharing the pix!

  5. Julie -
    She's been asking and asking and asking to go.
    Every time Eric goes, she asks "Can I come wiff?"

    Trev is not ready yet to sit in a chair by himself (the easiest kiddy lift is only a two-seater) so he can't take both babes.
    So night before last she said "I want to go ski!!" So I said I'd go. (To stay with the one while the other was skiing)

    She had a blast! She loves it. She wasn't ready for Daddy to let her go, however. While going down the hill, she wanted to be holding hands with him.

    Trev skied, too, but the camera was on it's "off" time.
    I've really got to get it fixed!


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