Sunday, March 02, 2008

March 2

In other happenings:
"R, n, d, y, s, y, r, n!" Says (and writes) Madeleine.And more readin'
"What comes after two?" Little Cakes asked.
"An' what comes after one?"

"If it was Two Degrees warmer, we would be going to the duck pond, Nerdiota!!" and then, in sotto voce, he utters, "That's Mexican for Nerd."

"Do Giant Panda's really eat only bamboo?" Trev asked.
Which also led to "do koala's only eat eucalyptus?"
Upon investigation - the answer is "no" to panda's. Pandas eat other plants, and bark, and carrion that they come across. They are omnivores.
And "yes," to koala's. Though they eat different kinds of eucalyptus leaves.

Outside for a bit of baseball before we go the grocery store...."That was a Lousy Pitch, and I still hit it!" declared Little Son.
Indeed.Other than that, and our delving into physics today, we've had lots of computer games and television.
But who worries about too much tv and too much computer time?
Not us.

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  1. What a fun day! The bit about Nerdiota made me spit water. ;)


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